a hundred feet from the ocean

there was this brief point in time when home was about a hundred feet from the ocean.

it was short-lived, never meant to be permanent. only a means to an end, in the grand scheme. 

but there was this one time, he pulled into the driveway but i could hear that the jeep was still running. he flung the door open and yelled to me across the room: 

"grab your camera and come with me"

i grabbed my camera and went with him. we got in the jeep and he drove me to a blood orange sun colliding with the ocean. the breeze was warm and the sea oats swayed. i watched the clouds fade into every shade of pink.

and it was all beautiful. but what was really beautiful, was how that setting sun--in all her glory--had made him think of me. 


chase + desiree // engagement

Two of my favorite people got engaged, and to my great pleasure, asked if I would take some photos for some announcements they were having made. 

Chase and Desiree are relaxed, down to earth, and have a serious amount of love for their sweet pup, Charlie (who came along for the shoot). 

So, on a warm June evening, just as the sun was setting, we headed out to a grassy field; and I captured these two and their effortlessly beautiful kind of love.