emmalyn + the dress

handed down to her from her grandmother to her mother, emmalyn in a vintage white dress in the tall grassy fields on the side of a cliff, one of my favorite shoots of the year so far.

the color grae // studio session

my good friend morgan is an amazing pen + ink illustrator who takes her love of plants + botanicals and makes incredible + unique pieces. we recently took some time to photograph her + some of her pieces in her studio for her website re-launch.

morgan is always posting bits + pieces of her work + processes on her instagram, which you can find here, but to learn more about morgan’s beautiful work, visit her website here. <3

avery + katie + sabrina

the thing i’ve grown to love about life on this island is the closeness of friendships created here. something about living in an odd unusual environment really brings people together. of course on the flip side, that means goodbyes are even harder. these three girls wanted to document their friendship that was made on this island before they moved away to wherever the military will take them (and their families next).